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As an agency we host quarterly gifting suites for influencers to discover and experience new brands across theme and category. Approx. 50 influencers are seen during 1:1 appointments where they are educated about, experience and go home with partners products. This exclusive, invite only event results in organic social content, new influencer relationships and product testimonials/feedback for brands, while cutting the cost on shipping and seeding individually to each content creator.

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Current Costal Cowboy

Themed Costal Cowboy this suite included indie and mass market skincare, haircare, nail care, body care and wellness. 35 influencers were in attendance resulting in 1 million social impressions.

Brands Included: Cacaye, Happy Place, Whiny Baby, PUR Cosmetics, Butter London, Osea, SPARITUAL, Holy Curls, SOSHE Beauty, Ella Rose, Touchland, Josie Maran, Bubble TIRTIR. 

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Current in Capri

With a focus on beauty and wellness, Current in Capri was held in the Summer of 2023 with over 55 guests in attendance, resulting in 300+ social posts and over 2 million social impressions.

Brand Partners Included: Live Tinted, Ellis Brooklyn, Andrew Fitzsimons Hair, PCA Skin, Touchland, MA:NYO, Mad Hippie, Cali Ray, Lawless, Juna and more.

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Current Mamas

Catering to moms and mommies to be Current Mamas was full of brands ranging from diapers, maternity lounge wear, sensory children toys, beauty products for mom and much more. 40 moms were in attendance resulting in over 250 social posts and 1.2 million impressions. The event was held in Fall of 2023

Partners Included: Parasol Co, Elta MD, Mori, Chicco, Etta Loves, Dabble and Ducky, Nanit, Hydrojug and more.

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Current in Wellness

Current in Wellness was a curation of wellness and self-care items including supplements, mindfulness journals, herbal tea and more - 40 influencers were in attendance resulting in 2.6 million impressions.

Brands Included: Symbi, Juna, Alice Mushroom, Kilogear, Omnilux, Mindcheer, Touchland, Eleve Water, Forah, Diamond Drunk, Vio2Tape, Daye and more.

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Current in Wanderlust

Setting up our influencers for summer travels, Current Communications is curating the best in beauty, wellness, fashion, lifestyle, food and beverage that lean into the wanderlust lifestyle of Summer 2024.

Suite is taking place June 25th + June 26th. If your brand is interested in participating, reach out for more details.

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Additional Suites Coming Soon!

Is your brand interested in taking place in our upcoming 2024 / 2025 gifting suites? Reach out to with your interest inquiry!

Hi Lisa! We You're invited to participate in our next gifting suite, themed Current in Wanderlust taking place June 25th + June 26th in Orange County, CA. We think your roller balls or minis could be great for the theme of travel -- Ellis Brooklyn was such a hit at our Current in Capri suite a few quarters ago. More info below. Colleen + Alexis +++++++++ This season Current Communications will be hosting 50 local influencers to come experience, learn more about and take home your products, setting them up for a summer of sunshine and travel. This is an opportunity to see 50 influencers at a fraction of the cost of curating custom boxes and individual shipping costs, as well as having our team on-site to communicate your brand's talking points and answer any questions that arise. Each influencer appointment is approx 30 minutes and ensures attendees soak in all the information they need to know to share on social media. Each brand has their own section within the suite and the flow is more of "shopping" where your product is out on display and influencers come by to choose from it, rather than an already curated bag of items - which encourages social shares. Gifting: 50 Lifestyle / Beauty / Fashion Influencers in The Orange County / San Diego Area Assets You Receive: High Res Professional Images, Contact list of 50 influencers Social Handles, Brand Feedback Needs: 52 units (2 for display) BEFORE June 1st or BETWEEN June 12th - June 17th to Dana Point, CA Price to participate: $500 (Friends of Current Comms Reduced Pricing) Deck is attached with more information and we're happy to hop on a call to further discuss event details. image.png Past partners include but are not limited to: Alice Mushroom, Saint Jane Beauty, Saie Beauty, SPARITUAL, Josie Maran, Whiny Baby, Inked by Dani, ReVive Skincare, Hu Kitchen, Skin by Ella Rose, Touchland, Cali Ray, Juna, Lawless, Live Tinted, Evereden, Cool as A Cucumber, Polite Society and more.

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